Amibroker Advanced Course by Amibroker

The Amibroker Advanced Course is an intensive program designed for individuals who want to delve into the complexities of using the powerful and versatile Amibroker software for technical analysis and trading system development.

Amibroker, a renowned trading system development platform, allows traders to formulate, backtest, optimize, and automate their trading strategies. This course ensures that you will become proficient in all these aspects, enabling you to build and execute robust, profitable strategies that suit your trading style and goals.

The course starts with a foundational understanding of the software, guiding you through its installation and configuration. It then progressively moves onto more complex topics such as the Amibroker Formula Language (AFL), which allows you to customize indicators, trading systems, and reports.

A significant part of the course is devoted to strategy development and backtesting, ensuring that students grasp the essentials of trading system design, optimization, and validation. The course elaborates on how to test the robustness of a trading system, minimize overfitting, and gauge the system’s performance accurately.

An in-depth understanding of portfolio-level system testing is another highlight of the course. You will learn how to incorporate realistic assumptions about trading costs, order types, and position sizing, which are crucial for approximating real-world trading performance.

The “Amibroker Advanced Course” also sheds light on automating your trading strategies. It guides you through auto-trading concepts, connecting Amibroker to a broker’s API, and managing real-time data feeds.

Ideal for both novice and seasoned traders, this course marries theory with hands-on practice, offering numerous examples, exercises, and case studies. Upon completion, you will have mastered the Amibroker platform and be well-equipped to create, test, and execute your own automated trading strategies.

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