Forex on Five Hours a Week by Raghee Horner edited by Jaffrey Alan Brandzel

Forex on Five Hours a Week: How to Make Money Trading on Your Own Time by Raghee Horner, edited by Jeffrey Alan Brandzel, is a unique resource in the forex trading literature. As an experienced trader and renowned trading educator, Horner provides valuable insights and strategies tailored for part-time traders who juggle trading with other commitments.

The book is anchored on the premise that successful trading doesn’t require endless hours in front of the screen. Horner presents a clear, well-structured approach to forex trading that is manageable even for individuals with full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities. She demonstrates that with the right strategy and effective time management, it’s possible to generate consistent profits in just five hours a week.

Horner’s main focus is on trend trading. She provides a detailed explanation of how to identify and follow market trends, arguing that this strategy allows part-time traders to maximize their trading opportunities and limit their risk exposure. The book includes a variety of trend trading techniques, including short-term scalping and longer-term swing and position trading.

One of the standout elements of the book is Horner’s clear, step-by-step guidance. She takes readers through the process of setting up a trading plan, choosing a broker, managing risk, and analyzing the market. Each step is supplemented with real-world examples and charts, showing readers exactly how to apply the concepts and strategies she presents.

“Forex on Five Hours a Week” also stands out for its strong emphasis on trading psychology. Horner shares practical advice on how to maintain discipline, manage emotions, and stay focused, emphasizing that these mental skills are just as important as technical analysis and trading strategy.

The book concludes with a set of ‘cheat sheets’ – quick reference guides that summarize the key concepts and strategies presented in the book. These provide a valuable resource for readers as they embark on their trading journey.

In conclusion, “Forex on Five Hours a Week: How to Make Money Trading on Your Own Time” by Raghee Horner is an excellent guide for part-time traders. Its focus on time-efficient strategies, combined with its clear guidance and emphasis on trading psychology, makes it a must-read for anyone looking to navigate the forex market on a limited schedule.

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