Price Patterns by Martin Pring

Price Patterns: The Definitive Guide to Chart Pattern Analysis is a book by Martin J. Pring, an experienced trader and respected author on the topic of technical analysis. In this book, Pring offers an in-depth study of price patterns, one of the most fundamental aspects of technical analysis. Price patterns are recognizable and repeatable price movements on a chart that traders use to predict future price movements.

Pring’s book covers a wide range of price patterns, including the basics like double tops and bottoms, head and shoulders patterns, and triangles, as well as more complex patterns. He discusses the psychology behind these patterns, the conditions under which they form, and the implications for traders once they are recognized.

Moreover, Pring delves into the specifics of how to trade these patterns, providing valuable insights on entry and exit points, stop loss placements, and how to manage trades once they’re open. He includes numerous real-life examples to help readers better understand how these concepts apply in the real world of trading.

This book is praised for its detailed, methodical approach and its practical focus. Whether you’re new to technical analysis or a seasoned trader, “Price Patterns” can provide valuable insights to help improve your understanding of the markets and refine your trading strategies. However, as with any trading system, it’s important to remember that chart pattern analysis should be used as part of a comprehensive trading strategy, which includes risk management.

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