The Pocket Book Of Economic Indicators by Manuel Jesus-Backus

The Pocket Book of Economic Indicators by Manuel Jesus-Backus is a concise and practical guide to understanding the economic indicators that drive markets and impact investment decisions. It is aimed at a wide range of readers from students to professionals in finance and investment, as well as anyone interested in understanding the basic principles of economics.

The book provides clear and accessible explanations of key economic indicators, including GDP, inflation rates, employment figures, and many more. It explains how these indicators are calculated, what they signify, and why they are important. It also provides insights into how these indicators can be used to understand current economic conditions, predict future trends, and inform investment decisions.

Additionally, “The Pocket Book of Economic Indicators” offers guidance on where and how to find reliable sources of economic data, making it a valuable reference tool for anyone who needs to keep up with the constantly changing economic landscape.

By understanding and keeping track of these indicators, investors and economists can make more informed decisions about their investments, strategies, and forecasts for the future. This book provides an excellent starting point for anyone looking to gain a firm understanding of the fundamental economic indicators.

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