Tick by Tick by TradeSmart University

Tick by Tick is an advanced course provided by TradeSmart University, designed for those who are keen on mastering the art of day trading. It seeks to offer the most accurate, high-speed strategies used by the world’s top traders, emphasizing on micro-second decisions traders need to make in the fast-paced world of day trading.

The course covers a wide range of topics starting from the very basic understanding of tick-by-tick trading to complex strategies. Participants will learn to dissect the markets at a microscopic level, making it easier for them to spot trends, reversals, and breakouts before the crowd.

The program dives into the specifics of technical analysis for day trading, helping you understand how to read charts on a tick-by-tick basis. You’ll gain insights into pattern recognition, resistance and support levels, and using various technical indicators in the short-term timeframe.

Risk management is another crucial element covered in the course. “Tick by Tick” places strong emphasis on capital protection and risk mitigation techniques, helping you to set proper stop losses, manage trades, and optimize your risk to reward ratio.

Additionally, this course tackles trading psychology to help traders understand and manage their emotions, thereby making more rational and less impulsive decisions.

Finally, “Tick by Tick” offers the opportunity to learn by doing, with real-time trading simulations to apply and hone your skills. By the end of this course, you should have a firm grasp on day trading fundamentals and be well-equipped to trade confidently and successfully in any market condition.

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